Oh I wish!

August 21, 2013

Tier 16 previews are out.  Pally gear is pretty cool.  LFR – Meh…  Normal – I could live with that…  Heroic – Oh I wish!

Why Crits and Giggles is more awesome than your guild

August 7, 2013

Because we haz healers who can heal from the back of a mammoth :)  Kerick rocks!



Another Pic

May 3, 2012

yes, I made an 85 to check out the new zones. But I really don’t want to quest him, just do a little sightseeing for fun before tomorrow’s surgery. See you all (hopefully) in a week or so :)



April 25, 2012


And Some More

April 17, 2012

And MissyBroo.  So very cute!


Taekwondo Teddy Bears are Cool :)

April 14, 2012

I finally got a beta nod…  my first one since Wizardry II way back in ancient history.  I really don’t want to do all the questing yet, I’d rather wait till it’s live, but I’ve got to do some just to have a little fun ;)

So meet TaeBroo.  He’s only temporary, but at least I get a taste of the mechanics and other stuff.




March 23, 2012

Meet Pryncess.  She is the face of the current unemployment epidemic on Garona.  Her guild has stopped raiding altogether like so many others leaving her unemployed and without hope.  She has had to move out of the high rent Orgrimar district, and currently lives in a tent by the river fishing and rolling newbs for food.

You can help save her.  With a donation as little as one raid night per week (tuesdays or thursdays preferred), she can be fed, clothed, and trained to once again become a valued citizen of the Horde.  Cross-server raids are certainly accepted as she does have loyal ties to her guild that are stronger than her need to play.  She does feel sad for those that have left – clearly their priorities were seriously messed up.  But she does want to work, and promises to melt foes to small puddles under foot.

With your small donation, you will recieve a picture, yada yada yada…


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